Parents splash out $7,000 on lavish Royal-themed celebration

A toddler had a birthday party fit for a king after his mum and dad blew £7,215 on celebrating his big day – even though he’s too young to remember it.

Young Gian Chetan’s celebration boasted stilt-walkers, magicians, decorative thrones and a henna tattooist.

And proud parents Anil and Radhika Chintamaneni, who spent seven months planning the party, say it was worth every penny.

Radhika, 34, said her son loved the extravaganza, which happened back in February.

The devoted mum, from Johannesburg, South Africa, said: “We always planned to just have one baby, so we knew before he was even in my tummy that his first birthday would be a grand event.

Little Gian Chetan playing with a balloon at his party (Image: PA Real Life/Belinda Lea Photogr) Read More

“He’s too little to understand at the moment, but we took about 800 pictures to show him when he’s older.

“We want him to see how happy he was that day, and how much his mum and dad love him.

“He had so much fun and was smiling and playing all day. He didn’t cry once. Seeing him so happy made it worth every penny we spent.”

Amil, 38, explained that, being originally from India, it was traditional to have a big first birthday celebration.

He added: “It’s part of our culture for a child’s first birthday to be a real landmark. We saw it as celebrating the gift of our baby from God.”

The family even co-ordinated their outfits for the special day (Image: PA Real Life/Belinda Lea Photogr) The lucky toddler had a special car as a birthday present (Image: PA Real Life/Belinda Lea Photogr) Read More

Virtually as soon a little Gian Chetan arrived into the world, his parents set about organising his first birthday.

Scouring the internet, they eventually came across Outlandish Events, a luxury events service based in Johannesburg, and enlisted their help.

Together, they decided on a royal theme and began meticulously planning everything from the colour scheme to the entertainment.

The cake table on the special day (Image: PA Real Life/Belinda Lea Photogr)

“Everything was co-ordinated. We even matched what we wore on the day,” Amil added.

After picking their venue – The View, a boutique hotel set on top of a stunning hillside in Johannesburg – the couple worked tirelessly for months to make their son’s day perfect.

Upon arrival, the 200 guests were greeted by Mickey Mouse and handed welcome drinks, before heading in to the main party room, which was decked out with around 100 balloons, as well as a 3D flower wall.

Two royal blue thrones were placed on a stage, next to a giant, ornate plaque, bearing Gian Chetan’s initials.

“We also had a magician and stilt walkers for the children, chocolate fountains, cakes everywhere and even a tattooist – doing henna tattoos, not permanent ones,” Amil laughed.

The proud parents say they have no regrets about splashing the cash on the party (Image: PA Real Life/Belinda Lea Photogr)

Given a taste for party planning, the couple are hoping to organise another ‘no-expense-spared’ bash for Gian Chetan, when he is old enough to remember it.

Amil said: “Perhaps we’ll do one on his third and fifth birthdays, so he’ll be a little older and know what’s going on.

“I don’t think they’ll be as a big as the first, though. We still want him to have an amazing day, but things will wind down from here.

“We had a great time planning everything and making it special this time round. It was a day fit for a prince.”

Proud mum Radhika recalled how guests at Gian Chetan’s celebration said they had “never been to a party like it.”

A party fit for a king was thrown for Gian Chetan (Image: PA Real Life/Belinda Lea Photogr)

She said: “The view from the venue was amazing and we had great weather, too.

“Amil and I are quite creative, so we loved the process of planning the party and coming up with ideas. Outlandish Events were fantastic, too. They exceeded our expectations.

“Everything went smoothly, it was a wonderful day. I think we’ll definitely have another when Gian Chetan is old enough.

“As we’ve only got the one child, we can afford to make a big fuss of him. We always want the best for him and can’t wait for him to see what a happy day he had when he’s big enough to look back on photos.”